Recognition of the profession of teacher

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Last updated on 4 August 2021

Teachers who have obtained a teaching qualification abroad (EU and third countries) and wish to pursue the profession of teacher in Italy may apply for recognition of their professional title in accordance with Directive 2013/55/EU, implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree No 15 of 28 January 2016.
It is possible to apply for recognition for the following professions:
- nursery school teacher;
- primary school teacher;
- lower secondary school teacher;
- upper secondary school teacher.
Recognition may be requested for teaching roles for which the person concerned is legally qualified in the country that issued the title and on condition that the teaching roles correspond to the Italian school system (corresponding profession).

In the event of a difference between the professional training required in Italy and that completed by the person concerned, compensatory measures may be applied, particularly in the form of an aptitude test or adaptation period at Italian educational establishments.

EU citizens in possession of a title issued by an EU Member State must document its legal value, solely and exclusively by means of a certificate from the competent authority. As a consequence, declarations of equivalence of qualification issued by Italian diplomatic representations abroad will not be accepted for titles obtained in an EU country as they are not provided for in the relevant legislation.

Applications for professional recognition can only be submitted via the Teaching Profession Recognition platform.

Go to the ‘Riconoscimento Professione Docente’ [Teaching Profession Recognition] application

No other form of submission or transmission of the application for professional recognition will be allowed.
Any documentation received by other methods at the offices of the Ministry will be considered inadmissible.

For users who have already submitted a regular application by no later than 23 October 2018 and are listed in office records, the procedure will remain unchanged and will be processed in the same way as previously.

Those who have already submitted the documentation in paper form are NOT permitted to make an additional submission online via the application or to submit a new application for the same class of competition.


All the operational details can be found in the relevant guide

As explained in the operating guide, after accessing the application, an online service desk is available to request assistance and consult FAQs.

Directorate General for Educational Regulations and Evaluation of the National Educational and Training System – Office VIII ‘Internazionalizzazione del sistema educativo di istruzione e formazione” [Internationalisation of the education system for teaching and training]

Recognition decree publication archive


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