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The Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research is actively involved in delivering the best outcome for Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, making the most of this chance for the Basilicata Region and the whole country to be in the international limelight.

An innovative approach to cultural development
Matera  2019  promotes an innovative approach to cultural and social development, which draws on the past to strengthen knowledge and understanding of local history, culture and art among younger generations. The catchphrase  “Open Future” for Matera 2019 builds on the idea of developing an all-embracing open culture: accessible to all, open to dialogue, created jointly.

The role played by schools
Against this background, schools play an important part in raising awareness and developing greater appreciation of local culture by empowering students to become heritage ambassadors. This student-centred approach towards active engagement will be promoted across schools: students will be encouraged to act as “temporary citizens” not only for the city of Matera but also for any other place they will decide to visit in order to learn and share local culture. The outcome of this work, carried out by schools to promote local heritage, is the catalogue “Cultural itineraries – From Schools to Schools” developed by students from the Basilicata Region, in collaboration with local associations and organizations.

From schools to schools
"Cultural Itineraries – from schools to schools” is a project launched to encourage students to promote local heritage by drawing up itineraries for fellow Italian and European students wishing to visit the Basilicata Region. The 23 itineraries were developed  directly by students from schools across the Basilicata Region, following a call launched by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, in collaboration with the Regional Education Office of Basilicata. Students took on a leading role by giving voice to local history, traditions and customs to promote their unique cultural heritage.

How to access the itineraries
The 23 cultural routes follow the same pattern and are divided into days, however each itinerary may be customized according to the needs of visiting schools. In addition, the itineraries may be combined with events included in the Matera 2019 cultural program (https://www.matera-basilicata2019.it/en/), by acquiring a “passport” granting temporary citizenship in Matera. To book an itinerary, download the catalogue and contact the organising partner to receive assistance in planning and organising the visit.

For further  information  download the booklet or the flyer
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